Practice Areas

Sandy Reinstein, Esq. has personally represented clients in mediation, arbitration, depositions, examinations under oath, settlement conferences, administrative hearings, and trials both jury and nonjury.

Business / Corporate

Starting a new business or buying a new business involves many important initial decisions including what type of organization to form. Let us explain the differences between a corporation, LLC, partnership, or other entity.
Drafting and review of contracts, leases, and agreements
Every day businesses are presented with written documents that can have a major impact on their operation. Careful preparation and/or review of all contracts and documents is vital and can help keep serious problems from arising.
Employment agreements
Hiring and maintaining an employer/employee relationship with clear and concise duties, obligations, and benefits requires careful planning. Let us prepare or review the necessary agreements.
Purchase and sale of assets
Businesses are often bought and sold by the sale of assets only and not the transfer of the stock of the business. We can assist in this transition and protect our client’s interest in the transaction.
Collection of past due accounts
When invoices remain unpaid, businesses suffer financially. Allow us to pursue all legal remedies to recover debts you are due.
When disputes cannot be resolved amicably, it is often necessary to seek court intervention. We have represented many clients in business and corporate disputes throughout all phases of litigation.

Wills / Probate

Drafting of wills
A simple will can simplify the transfer of your assets upon your death and prevent the wrong people from receiving valuable items that you leave behind.
Probate of Estates - Formal and Summary
Probate is the process wherein the Court validates your will and provides for the orderly distribution of your assets. It is very important to hire an attorney that is experienced in these procedures and who charges reasonable fees.


Personal Injury
If you or your family have suffered injuries as a result of the carelessness or negligence of another, you may be entitle to compensation. You may be compensated for your medical bills, lost time from work, pain and suffering, and losses you may experience in the future. It is important to speak with an attorney from the beginning to learn your rights, secure valuable evidence, begin an immediate investigation, and arrange for the best medical care. Call us to schedule an appointment, free of charge, so that we can advise you as to the proper procedures and get you the benefits to which you are entitled.

Consumer / Contracts

Commercial Litigation
We have represented many clients over the past 30+ years in lawsuits over contracts, goods sold, unpaid accounts, monies due you and other financial matters. Acting quickly can sometimes get you paid faster. If you have been wrongly sued for a debt that you feel that you do not owe, it is equally important that you hire a lawyer knowledgeable and experienced in defending these types of actions.
Faulty Workmanship / Defective Service
Did a repairman or mechanic damage your property? You may be entitled to pursue a claim to receive a refund or monies to repair the damage.


We can prepare and/or review residential or commercial leases for both landlords and tenants.

Member : Business Advisory Group of Florida Business Advisory Group of Florida.